About Us

About Us

AUMTREND is a renowned consulting firm established by professionals who are not only passionate about the provision of consulting services but are also skilled and experienced in offering a wide range of business and overseas educational services. AUMTREND aims to be the most preferred hiring partner by all clients looking for the most talented employees to place in their companies. We are committed to delivering educational quality services and support to prospective students willing to study overseas.

Empowering our Clients

We provide a wide range of end-to-end services related to the management of the workforce. Our major reliance is on four pillars: firm Commitment, prompt Delivery, exceptional Quality, and Quick services. AUMTREND is primarily focused on empowering our clients found in different countries

AUMTREND always ensures that services are provided within the expected timelines, that the services are of exceptional quality and that all needs the clients have completely satisfied.

Hiring Experts

At AUMTREND, we take cognizance of the fact that employee recruitment is an aspect that plays a very instrumental role in the overall success of an organization. We appreciate the fact that most organizations strive to achieve their objectives by having experts. Additionally, we clearly understand the swift changes taking place in the work environment, and we know the changes that are likely to occur going forward.

AUMTREND is established with the aim of ensuring that only skilled and talented employees are recruited on behalf of our clients, especially since in most industries, employees are the most valuable asset. Global growth only happens when the best of the employees are hired who in turn add great values to the services and products.


To enhance standards and conquer a world-class reputation in staffing services by integrating methods and processes of hiring that will work to advance the businesses of our clients to become successful. To provide cradle-to-career solutions that assists job seekers in designing a career pathway.


To provide the finest solutions for managing the workforce and endeavor to be a go-to partner for our clients by offering high-quality services. We enable our customers to achieve rapid growth and expansion for the development of society in fulfilling the Global Role.

Our Philosophy

We take cognizance of the fact that if employees are contented at their places of work, they become more productive. For this reason, we help people secure good employment opportunities that make them not only happy but also give them opportunities for fulfilling their life’s wishes and dreams.

We believe in “Happy at Work Vs World Class Results”. Our team is our strength. We provide high-quality facilities at work to make our internal team happy and comfortable at work. It inevitably shows the results. We are developing this culture and it results in smart work than hard work, accountability, responsibility, punctuality, the best customer service, customer relationship, commitment, and quality delivery. At AUMTREND, we strongly believe that employees can only produce world-class results if they are happy at work. Our strength majorly lies in working together as a team. If facilities at the workplace are of high quality, employees automatically become more productive, more comfortable, and happier. This becomes evident in the final results.

We implement and believe in a culture that encourages employees to work smart rather than just working hard. Additionally, we advise them to cultivate a culture that encourages accountability, timely delivery, responsibility, firm commitment, punctuality, great customer relationship as well as exceptional customer service.

Core Values

If we do not engage with our clients genuinely and specially, then we are just another vendor Team Work: Since we want to go far, we always work as members of one team. Unity is strength. We understand that every employee is an important and functional part of the whole process; we embrace teamwork for effective results.

Customer Focus: Our main objective is to ensure that clients are offered excellent customer service that makes them completely satisfied. As a business entity, we have an obligation to satisfy all the needs of our esteemed customers. We treat each of them like royalty and they are our priority.

Firm Commitment: Our undying commitment to ensure that the big community we serve is ever happy. Integrity: An organization is usually judged according to the reputation it has built. Integrity is everything. Since we want to cultivate healthy relationships with customers, we are always fair in our dealings. As a matter of fact, we place a premium on honesty.

Exceptional Quality: AUMTREND knows that most customers seek quality. We always ensure that the employees, as well as services offered to our clients, are of outstanding quality.

Accountability: We deliver what we promise to make a difference in the business by showcasing our skills and capabilities.

Quick Delivery: AUMTREND’s turn-around-time cannot be compared to that of any others in the industry. We deliver what we commit and set high standards.

Excellent Services: Our clients are always offered what they ask for.

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