HR Services

HR Services

AUMTREND helps your business to optimize your efforts. We provide professional human resources services that offer businesses the opportunity to evaluate, design strategy, and accomplish their desires. HR Services is a critical factor of employee happiness in any business, no matter how small. We keep up to date to perform our services as per the land of laws. Any error concerning HR responsibilities causes legal issues and as well as employee dissatisfaction.AUMTREND helps your business to optimize your efforts.

Payroll Processing

We cognize that how important to track miscalculation payroll activities for your organization. We offer hassle-free payroll services to organizations irrespective of their size and domain. We provide easy and reasonable solutions to avoid penalties and other non-compliance issues. We focus on prompt statutory, tax filing, and other administrative activities. Your company’s payroll is processed in time by devising a schedule that provides sufficient time for processing and correction of errors before any employee receives his/ her paycheck.

Efficient Computation

Necessary changes are made to the payroll record whenever the need arises. Timekeeping data is properly computed from timesheets/ time cards. Other forms of income like bonuses, retroactive pay as well as commissions are paid out appropriately. The salaries of new employees are duly prorated if they are employed after the commencement of a new pay period and provide assistance to the employee during the cycle from joining to exit.

Defined Verification

Reports that allow verification of the payroll before printing of paychecks and generation of direct deposit files are printed. All the requisite pay stubs and paychecks are printed and direct deposit files are generated and presented to the bank as well. We restructure payroll processes from time to time based on the requirement.

Data Management Services

Companies have a great challenge for commendably managing the workforce. Employee data is key to report it magnificently. You should have an accurate, wide-ranging, output of your workforce activates, and a comprehensive assessment of employee information. Employee master data empowers and allows organizations to have structural changes. Appropriate data advances and provides quality statistics to the companies for successful operations. We have expertise and experience in the acquisition, validation, storage, protection as well as processing of data that can allow your company to gain access to, make use of, and also rely on the data.

Data Processing

Our data management services will help you understand the huge data quantities that you always collect, analyze, and store. The services will enable you to give customers personalized experiences, enhance customer loyalty, add value to clients’ interactions, improve client engagement and identify major causes of failures in your company’s marketing efforts as well.

Information Management Services

Proper information management is a primary focus for nearly all organizations. However, managing information is not always easy. Numerous systems must be integrated, complex organizational issues that must be addressed, and a wide range of organizational needs that must be met as well.

Centralized Data System

Our company has expertise and experience in the following aspects of information management: web content management, enterprise search, document management, collaboration, records management, learning content management systems, digital assets management as well as learning management systems. We provide IM services while incorporating people, content, processes, and technology. Most organizations face various information management challenges, and we can help you deal with them.

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