Temporary Staffing Solutions

Temp Staffing

Need Staffing Solutions Providers for your hiring needs? You approached a reliable partner “AUMTREND” Across the geography and numerous industries, companies are encountering various challenges to hiring resources for their short term needs. There are several gears enterprises are not willing to employ permanent resources. Companies famines to employ resources as on-demand to accomplish the set-ups as the technique they want them to.

One-Stop Solution

AUMTREND is a trustable staffing solutions provider that offers you one-stop solutions to shape your staffing needs and reinforce your workforce to let your developments run efficiently throughout precarious periods. Augmenting your staff allows you to give out tasks and assign responsibilities with greater confidence, especially if the augmentation is done with trained professionals who are at the peak of their respective careers

Cost & Quality

Our staff augmentation services also enable cost minimization without necessarily sacrificing quality, choice of skills that you specifically need, enjoyment of an outlook and voice that is absolutely objective, and saving of cost and time as a result of enhanced flexibility as well.

How can we help?

We’ll assist you to shorten your responsibilities rather you can emphasize your goals and objects to success. AUMTREND takes the accountability of the resources. Temporary employees will operate on our rolls, will handle payroll, personal administration, statutory compliance,and remittance of the statutory payments. We bring high valued resources and companies together.


  • Our experts are dedicated to a specific market segment
  • Lower risk of a bad hire.
  • Real-Time and Cost savers
  • Speed in the time of hire.
  • Better Productivity / Flexibility
  • Provides Best Quality Talent
  • Leverage to absorb temp staff as your permanent assets
We deliver right talents to run your business efficiently

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