BPO & Shared Services

BPO & Shared Services

We offer a wide range of BPO staffing and shared services. BPO and Shared Services such as outsourcing have become a popular business strategy nowadays and most dynamic and fastest-growing sectors. The term Business Process Outsourcing or BPO has gained prominence and the trend of outsourcing back-office operations as well. Great experiences don't occur accidentally. They are the consequence of brilliant thoughtfulness and design that converts the routine into something outstanding. Countless customer experience starts with great people that are fine trained and armed to address the essentials and add value to your customers.

Our Top Priority

AUMTREND strives to stand number one recruitment solution provider in BPO and shared services. Partnering with us your business can enjoy noteworthy cost savings by regulating practices and procedures and by creating economies of scale. Our partner's best interest is always our top priority. The services will enable your company, reduce costs, take advantage of the latest technology, make use of experienced professionals, obtain customer feedback and also concentrate on the core business

Our Strategies

AUMTREND team is always have preparations with new strategies and resources that can help our team to handle challenges in BPO recruitment’s. Our strategies help you hit your hiring goals and make your hires that shine in their career and continue to work for a longer period. We meet younger Job Seekers, who are untapped in traditional method of hiring. We connect them on social media and other networking sites to create genuine interest to apply for a job. Employer Brand, we market your brand very often to attract candidates. We make active and passive job seekers to get more interest to apply for a job by their daily web browsing. Applicant Practice, we pay close attention and transparency to the candidates throughout the hiring process to make strong impression, trust and reliability.

How can we help?

AUMTREND recruitment team is well trained in the BPO industry hiring services. We understand our client's needs and deliver top-quality candidates from the rank and file level to senior management level. With our BPO and Shared services, we help our clients to provide an effective workforce to their businesses to help them to reach new heights in the industry.


  • We have designed an extension team for BPO and Shared Services
  • We conduct various levels of applicant examinations before presenting a qualified talent pool
  • We provide a provision to the client to have the interview process in our office.
  • Grooming of the candidates about the client, process of hiring.
  • AUMTREND is the silent ambassador of your brand.
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